The Ripping of In-Utero People From Their Wombs Continues in St. Louis

It's a big weekend of ripping in-utero people from their wombs and stuffing baby body parts down disposals in St. Louis, Missouri as their Planned Parenthood facility stays open after a judge's temporary order. (The World News photo)

OR News – Judge Michael Selzer issued a temporary restraining order preventing the facility license of a troubled abortion facility in St. Louis from expiring. Selzer ruled that Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood remains licensed and operating until 9 a.m., June 4, when he will hear arguments in their motion for an injunction.

RHS Planned Parenthood, the last abortion facility in Missouri, has been embroiled in licensing issues that included violations of state laws and regulations, and a failure to cooperate with a Department of Health investigation.

“This move essentially allows a dangerous abortion facility that is refusing to comply with minimum health and safety standards to remain open,” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said.

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