ISIS issues death warning to Christians in Egypt after executing a kidnapped Coptic

62 year old Nabil Habashi Salama was kidnaped off the street of Bir al-Abed last November.

ISIS, a group associated strongly with the Obama/Biden years, is on the upsurge again.

An Egyptian terror group claiming links to the terrorist army that rose to bloody power during the Obama administration has executed three people, including a Coptic Christian man, as a warning not to support the country’s military.

Nabil Habashi Salama, 62, a member of Egypt’s minority Coptic Orthodox Church, was shown being shot in the back of the head in a video released on April 17.

Flanked by two others also holding rifles, a militant with his face blurred out and an AK-47 across his chest warns the “Christians of Egypt” that “this is the price you pay for supporting the Egyptian army.” He then raises the weapon and fires a single shot into the back of Salama’s head.

A separate video then shows two other militants executing two tribesmen in a similar manner after accusing them of fighting in concert with Egyptian armed forces.

The Coptic Church said Salama had been missing since last November, when he was kidnapped by jihadists in a car while he walked along a street in Bir al-Abed. Salama had been involved in rebuilding churches destroyed by Islamists in the region, according to a Coptic Church spokesman.

“He kept the faith till the moment he was killed,” the spokesman said, adding: “The church affirms its steadfast support of the Egyptian state’s efforts in quelling hateful terror acts.”


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