Kansas City jury awards $4M to transsexual ‘boy’ denied access to male school bathrooms and locker rooms

Blue Springs South High School/ Facebook

The mother of a Missouri child with a problem has succeeded – spectacularly – in making it everyone’s problem.

In a very troubling blow to school districts trying to take a scientific approach to human gender, a girl student who wanted to be a boy – but who was kept out of boys’ locker rooms and bathrooms due to her female body – has won a $4 million jury verdict for having been treated as a girl.

The Blue Springs, Mo. school district was ordered to pay $4 million in damages for not going along with the student’s desire to “change” her sex, which began in middle school, court documents reveal and The Kansas City Star reports.

The lawsuit has gone on for six years, and on Dec. 13 a Jackson County jury decided in favor of the student, awarding her $4 million in damages and $175,000 for legal costs.

“The school district disagrees with the verdict and will be seeking appropriate relief from the trial court and court of appeals if necessary,” said a spokeswoman for the Blue Springs School District.

The student “transitioned” from female to male in 2009, in fourth grade. A year later, she legally changed her birth name to a male one.

The school district argued she could not use the same facilities as boys because she had female genitalia, according to court documents

In 2015, Rachelle Appleberry filed a lawsuit alleging her “son” was getting separate and unequal treatment based on “his sex,” according to the court petition. “As a direct result of the unlawful conduct of Defendants, Plaintiff has suffered damages which include mental anguish, emotional distress, pain and suffering, degradation, humiliation, anxiety… all of a continuing and permanent nature,” the petition said.


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