LA County bans travel to Florida and Texas amid dispute on parental rights

LA County's five District Supervisors

Los Angeles County’s all-liberal, all-female board of supervisors declared a kind of civil war on Florida and Texas on April 5, banning all official taxpayer-funded travel to those states over their efforts to protect children from “trans” mutilation and homosexual grooming in schools.

The liberal Los Angeles ladies approved the moratorium on official business until Florida’s new law barring discussion of homosexuality and transgenderism with young children is revoked.

LGBTQ activists say Florida’s law discriminates against young children, who may want to discuss the topics with adults.

Why Texas’ and Florida’s efforts to protect children are any of L.A.’s business is unclear, as is the number of trips L.A. County officials take every year to those states and the reasons why.

When inquired about how many trips would be canceled as a result of the ladies’ warlike stance, the board did not immediately respond.

“We’re not gonna spend our money going to your states and it sends a message that we won’t support this egregious behavior,” fumed Sheila Kuehl, an openly homosexual supervisor who helped ram the decision through, and who apparently assumes everyone is on her side.

Critics are accusing the board of putting their own politics ahead of that of the official concerns of the county they allegedly represent.

Supervisor Hilda Solis added to that perception, saying: “I too come from a family that has parents whose children are LGBTQ, and I know what it was for them to raise their children and even to talk amongst our own larger family, and how important it is to support each other and in particularly these young people who are trying to live out their best in life.”


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