Alaska Family Council identified as ‘Hate Group’ in Military Training

The family advocacy group, Alaska Family Council, was labeled as a hate group in a recent training intended for new military members at the Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson.

Jim Minnery, the group’s President, sent a notice objecting to the claim to his supporters and membership, after which the public affairs office soon apologized, although there was no name mentioned on the apology letter. 

Alaska Family Council is a Christian-based organization run by Minnery and has been around since 2006. 

The trainers used a group list provided by the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center who supports controversial groups such as Black Lives Matter, which included Alaska Family Council next to other groups such as the Nation of Islam, the Ku Klux Klan, and white nationalist clubs.

The apology stated that going forth no infographic produced by the SPLC would ever be included in their EO (equal opportunity) training slide deck. The note concluded that inclusion of the infographic was not an essential in understanding protest activities and prohibitions on participation in dissident.

Minnery was disconcerted at the apology and gave a statement that it is scary to imagine the military having a huge number of people who think that nonviolent groups like Alaska Family Council are hate groups. 

Christian Action Network, another group included in the SPLC list, is the same as Alaska Family Council and known to focus on abortion, family, and religious liberty.

Lots of people are questioning who these “trainers” are at the Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson.


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