Lawsuit: Irving Imam Groomed Teen Through Counseling to be Wife #3

Imam Zia Sheikh, who spoke about honor killings during a prayer service at the Islamic Center of Irving in 2008, is the subject of a lawsuit claiming the husband of two groomed a teen to be his temporary third wife, what Texas law calls illicit sex. (Dallas News file photo)

Dallas Morning News – A North Texas woman accused a former Irving imam of sexually exploiting her over years of counseling at one of the biggest mosques in Texas. In a lawsuit, the woman alleges Zia ul-Haq Sheikh, a former imam at the Islamic Center of Irving, used his position as her counselor to groom her for sex.

Sheikh denies the allegations but was advised by his attorney to not release a statement, he said in a Facebook post on Oct. 13. . . Sheikh said he was tempted to release a “year’s worth” of text messages that he said would “separate truth from falsehood.”

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