Local Italian official threatens rogue graduation parties with “flamethrowers”

Vincenzo De Luca, president of the Campania region, raged that he would send the police 'with flamethrowers' to break up any rogue graduation parties

Local officials are being pushed to the limit in Italy, where one of the deadliest outbreaks of coronavirus in the world continues to unfold, and the citizens of the United States should be aware of the lengths to which their own mayors and governors might go.

Vincenzo De Luca, president of Campania, threatened send in police “with flamethrowers” to break up any rogue graduation parties, MailOnline reports.

At least people burned to death won’t get the virus.

Another mayor took to the streets himself to scold locals playing ping-pong near the beach and breaking Italy’s rules against nonessential trips outside.

Italy has been under a nationwide lockdown for two weeks, but cases of the disease have continued to rise, prompting calls for even more drastic measures. 

Regional president De Luca made his fiery threat in a televised message in which he said: “I’m getting news that some would like to throw graduation parties. We will send the police over. With flamethrowers.”

Messina Mayor Cateno De Luca published a screed on Facebook, saying, “You will not ‘stroll’ in my town. I can’t formally ban you from leaving your house? ‘I will ban you from setting foot on public soil unless for proven necessities.”

Antonio Decaro, the mayor of Bari, went out on the prowl himself in order to send people back to their houses. “Go home,” he could be seen telling two people playing table tennis near the beach. “Play some video games. I’m the mayor of this city. I will make you follow this decree. I don’t want excuses. You must go home. You. All. Have. To. Stay. Home.”

Another added: “This isn’t a movie. You are not Will Smith in I Am Legend. You have to go home.”

Yet another angry message urged Italians to consider that they were putting their lives at risk even by getting their hair done.

“Getting in mobile hairdressers? What the f*** is that for?,” asked Antonio Tutolo, the mayor of Lucera.

“Do you understand that the casket will be closed? Who the f*** is supposed to even see you? With your hair all done in the casket?”  


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