Lone Democrat Voices Question Against LGBT ‘Equality’ Act

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is the lone known Democrat to have questions about the planned "Equality Act" that would elevate homosexual and gender-dysphoric persons to protected class citizens. If law, it would make confrontations based on moral or religious belief about such lifestyle choices more difficult for Biblical Christians. (Getty Images photo)

The Christian Post – West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin broke with his party and spoke out against the Equality Act, saying the pro-LGBT legislation does not give enough guidance on how public schools should implement protections for trans-identified students.

As Democrats in both the House and Senate put their support behind legislation to amend civil rights law making sexual orientation and gender identity protected civil classes, Manchin becomes the lone Senate Democrat to warn about implications the bill could have.

In a statement, Manchin, the most conservative Democrat in Congress, wrote he supports equality for all and that no one should be afraid to lose a job or housing due to sexual orientation.

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