Look now! The State Department is ALSO turning into a political weapon – Video

In this episode: Incredible. Now the State Department is being weaponized against conservatives, Jane Fonda advocates for MURDER to combat abortion laws, Pope Francis offers an enlightening perspective on gender theory”, Maryland introduces bill to eliminate felony murder for those under 25. Finally, a Christian fired after refusing to attend LGBT training classes.

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Martin: So I want to start with something that has all of us around this table pretty outraged. The U.S. State Department has decided to become a weapon against conservatives. 

And what they’re doing is padding the pockets of activist groups to come after conservative groups and organizations for what they deem to be unpolitical speech or hateful speech. 

David Carroll has done some research on this, so I will pass it all along to him. 

And, David, you can tell us more. 

David: Yeah, what’s happened is that the State Department has issued a notification for grant applications. 

And what they want to do is they want to give grants to left-wing organizations. 

And they’re pretty explicit about saying that left-wing organizations are to fight the speech of people who disagree with the LGBTQ exclamation point plus agenda and the whole trans agenda. 

And the whole idea is that the grant recipient is supposed to develop projects to fight the so-called hate speech of people who disagree with the LGBTQ exclamation point plus and trans agenda. 

However, it’s all disguised as oh, because the conservative people that don’t like these agendas are making death threats and threats of violence.

And everyone is supposed to pretend that anybody that doesn’t like the LGBTQ Plus agenda or the Trans agenda is deeply in hate with them. I guess. 

Martin: Well, they say that the goal of their program and funding and these hundreds of thousands of dollars, by the way, money that they are giving away to various groups out there. 

The goal is to promote free speech. 

That’s what they say their goal is. 

I want to read the name of this grant to you, and I’ll probably have to take two breaths to get it all out. 

It’s called Funding Opportunity Ensuring Freedom of Expression for Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations Responding to Anti Rights Efforts and Targeted Attacks. 

That’s the name of the grant. 

Actually, it took me three breaths to get it out. 

Pastor Binder: Can you repeat that? 

Martin: I refuse. 

So the program’s goal, they claim, is to protect the free speech rights of all Americans. 

And their concept is that there are conservative organizations out there who are working to stop the free speech rights of others. 

In particular, the pro-transgender movement and the pro-abortion movement that we, like the Christian Action Network, have conspired together to go out and attack and deny these people their freedom of speech. 

Therefore, they will give hundreds of thousands of dollars to a left-wing organization whose goal will be to shut us down. 

I told David earlier today, I said, this is like you’re asking me to give tax dollars to you to give it to somebody else to come out and then attack me. 

Michael: They’re not asking. 

Martin: This is crazy. 

Pastor Binder: Marty, the whole premise of what they’re doing is very antithetical. 

If I start a love organization, and someone hates me, I will stop their hate with hate for the sake of love. 

Right? That’s basically it. 

They believe you’re trying to stop their free speech. 

They want to shut down your free speech in the name of free speech. 

Yeah, right. 

And it seems like every week we discuss these liberal woke organizations, grants, et cetera, that they have these confusing names that go on and on and on. 

And this one is the longest one that we’ve seen yet. 

Right, right. 

Martin: It is pretty long out there. 

Let me read a direct quote from this grant, and it says these actors now; when they say these actors, they’re talking about groups like Christian Action Network. 

These actors deploy targeted threats and instrumentalized stigma against such groups, meaning the transgender and the pro-abortion groups, to chill freedom of speech and limit democratic participation nation leading to the erosion of democratic institutions, the rule of law, access to justice, and fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly, and associations. 

That’s not only a mouthful; that’s quite the accusation. 

What are you doing? 

Alec: What are we doing? 

Martin: I don’t know. 

Alec: All we’re doing is speaking our peace in the arena of ideas.

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