Louisville, Ky. mayor bans drive-up religious services during Easter, Passover

Gov. Andy Beshear asked all churches in Kentucky to ring their bells at the same time since congregations can't meet in person due to the coronavirus. Louisville Courier Journal

Instead of the Grinch who stole Christmas, Kentucky now has the Mayor who stole Easter. Or at least is trying to.

It seemed like drive-up church was a clever solution to the coronavirus outbreak, allowing families to be together in their vehicles while preventing direct contact with others.

Only now the mayor of Kentucky’s largest city has said that’s not even good enough. Or perhaps the temptation to governmentally wipe out Easter was just too great.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said April 7 that “with a heavy heart” he is banning drive-in religious services during the week of Passover and Easter.

Not only that, he is encouraging parishioners to rat out their churches if they disobey.

Communal Seder meals and church celebrations and group Easter egg hunts can’t happen, Fischer said, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to infect and kill Kentuckians.

Only none of those things really happens in a car.

Fischer said Louisville is in a different position than most other places in the state, given it is densely populated as an urban center.

Gov. Andy Beshear said during a Monday news conference that he supports leaders across the state who aren’t allowing drive-in style services.

The mayor called on faith leaders to not put their congregants at risk and asked those who belong to a church that is defying Fischer’s request to contact their minister or the city’s 311 line.


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