Man Charged As Pro-ISIS Bomb Maker Had Past Domestic Beating Cases

Police dealt with the Tayyab family on the level of domestic violence before the recent arrest on terrorist conspiracy and bomb making activities. (FrontPage photo)

FrontPage Mag – Tayyab Ismail’s family-life appears to be over. . . On Friday, Dec. 14, Federal Authorities arrested Ismail on terrorism-related charges, claiming that he repeatedly posted bomb-making instructions on forums frequented by Islamic extremists and expressed support for the Islamic State.

For years, he was leading up to this moment, making terrorist threats, affiliating with radicals like himself and violently putting his wife’s life in peril. Question: Was his wife aware of any of it?

. . . just three years into the marriage, while their two-year-old daughter was with them in their Miramar apartment, an enraged Ismail nearly strangled his wife to death. According to court documents.

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