Mattel Inc. lectures kids about Black Lives Matter and white privilege, using Barbie

Taking a stand: Iconic doll Barbie became an anti-racism educator for a new YouTube video that sees her discussing the Black Lives Matter movement with her friend Nikki

Buying your daughter a Barbie is no longer just buying her a plastic doll to play with. Now it amounts to plugging her in to a whole thread of Black-Lives-Matter and Defund-The-Police activism.

Toymaker Mattel has thrown its reputation onto the bonfire of racism-politics, putting out an animated video of its adorable, pencil-thin Barbie (as in the doll) talking with an adorable, pencil-thin black doll about the racist hell-hole that is America.

Corporate America is fully invested in racist-America narrative, with numerous companies changing logos and mascots to prove to activists and especially the news media that they are down with the struggle.  

In the product’s latest vlog on Youtube, an animated Barbie sits with her black friend Nikki and the two discuss racism and white privilege with children with the worried, wrinkled brows that the topic demands.

Nikki, it seems, is constantly being treated like she is a dumb criminal. Because that’s how whites treat blacks in the world of Mattel’s marketing ministry.

Since being uploaded on Oct. 7, the video has drawn much 280-character adulation from other Twitter users who applaud Mattel Inc. for being so woke and using their decades-old flagship product to indoctrinate children about what’s wrong with their country.

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