Maxine Waters wants Trump charged with premeditated murder

Rep. Maxine Waters of California said Tuesday former President Donald Trump should “absolutely” face premeditated murder charges in connection with the deadly protests at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. In the photo above, Trump arrives at the "Stop The Steal" Rally on January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. TASOS KATOPODIS/GETTY

Congresswoman “Mad Maxine” Waters of California wants President Donald Trump charged with premeditated murder for allegedly starting a riot at the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6, leading to the outright shooting death of an unarmed female Trump supporter in a hallway and several other less-direct deaths.

Waters has not always been so down on rioting and its costs; she was quoted in the Los Angeles Times in 1992 saying: “Riot is the voice of the unheard.”

She has also, however, claimed that Vladimir Putin was invading Korea, that James Comey feared being sexually harassed by Trump, and that her own mother should have been allowed to have an abortion.

Struggling legacy news outlet Newsweek reports that Waters, representing California’s 43rd District in Los Angeles County, panic-signaled during a Jan. 2 appearance on MSNBC about how frightened she was when angry U.S. citizens surrounded the Capitol over the highly suspect presidential election. She also clawed her way toward victim status:

“Because I took on this president early, I called for his impeachment early, I have been threatened time and time again,” she claimed.

After listing some of the threats she has dealt with at her California office over the years, Waters claimed without evidence that Trump “had advance planning” of the Capitol invasion.

“They are following the president of the United States of America, who had advance planning about the invasion that took place in our Capitol,” Waters said of the demonstrators, referring to mysterious “information that some of the planning came out of individuals working in his campaign. As a matter of fact, he absolutely should be charged with premeditated murder because of the lives that were lost with this invasion, with this insurrection.”

Minority women in Congress “are often threatened,” Waters went on to claim, of her membership in one of the world’s most exclusive power clubs.


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