Military Regs Clash With Islamic Rules in Case of Hijab-Hidden Violation

Sgt. Cesilia Valdovinos always complies with U.S. Army regulations to wear long hair in a bun. In a case pushed by liberal media as an example of military discrimination against Muslims, the discovery of a soldier using her hijab to hide her violations of that regulation appears resolved: the Islamic woman was treated fairly after her clear violations. (U.S. Army photo)

Military Daily News – When the story broke in March, an incident at Fort Carson was portrayed as a clear-cut example of anti-Muslim bigotry, but a lengthy U.S. Army investigation shows something far more complex.

Army regulations often clash with Islamic concepts of modesty, and a recent convert to Islam found her religious life in conflict with her military duties.

The Army debunked the discrimination claim, but investigators admit leaders need to learn more about interactions with a faith that’s unfamiliar to most Americans and that is a source of contention for many soldiers.

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