More than 1 million same-sex couples in U.S., with 191,000 kids having LGBT parents

New estimates show that more than half of the same-sex couples living together in U.S. households are married. The estimates from the bureau´s 2019 Current Population Survey show 191,000 children living with same-sex parents

In a development that the U.S. Census Bureau says reflects the growing diversity of “families” in the U.S., new estimates show that there are now more than one million same-sex couples living together in the United States.

Estimates from the bureau’s 2019 Current Population Survey also indicate there are 191,000 children living with same-sex parents.

Numbers published Tuesday by the bureau show that around 543,000 married same-sex couples live together with 469,000 unmarried same-sex couples living together. The new figures count only same-sex couples living together and do not reflect non-cohabitating same-sex couples or single people.

This is the first year in the survey that a same-sex option was included in the question about household relationships and that gender-neutral questions about parents were included, according to the bureau.

There are concerns the data misses large groups of the LGBT population because it does not include those without a partner, or people who identify as bisexual living with the opposite-sex. 

Meghan Maury, policy director for the National LGBT Task Force, told Roll Call: ‘It’s significant progress and we are excited about it, but we’re really missing quite a lot of community data.’

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva wants to include questions about sexual orientation and gender identity in federal surveys. He said: ‘The fact that the question gets asked there would be at least some assurance we will have the data.’


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