British lesbian couple bend over backward to carry baby in both their wombs

Otis, the world's first In Vivo fertilized baby is held by his mother Donna Francis-Smith (left) as she stands with her wife Jasmine Francis-Smith.

A British lesbian couple is showing the lengths to which homosexuals will go to manufacture something resembling natural biology, becoming the first female parents to carry a baby in both of their wombs in a complex “shared motherhood” procedure.

The UK Telegraph reports that Jasmine Francis-Smith, 28, gave birth to Otis, their son, two months ago, using an egg implanted via IVF after it was first incubated by her “wife,” Donna.

The treatment offered by the London Women’s Clinic involves one partner contributing and incubating the egg, while the other subsequently carries the fetus. While more than 100 lesbian couples have acquired babies using artificial incubation, this procedure goes one step further, with both female parents having a role.

A slew of medical personnel are also involved, presumably, as would be an actual male parent to provide the sperm cell.

Donna Francis-Smith, 30, from Nottinghamshire, told The Telegraph: “You get a lot of same-sex couples where one person is doing the whole thing, and the one person is getting pregnant and giving birth, whereas with this we’re both involved in a massive way.

“It’s my egg, and then they did the egg collection from me and then put it back into my body for 18 hours before being put into Jasmine’s body, and she became pregnant.”

The couple said that the procedure made them feel “equal in the whole process”.


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