Muslim Community Patrol will ask for dangerous ‘sit down’ with Bloods to avoid further violence

In an effort to avoid “starting a war,” a leader of the Muslim Community Patrol & Services (MCP&S) in Brooklyn, N.Y. will attempt to arrange a high-risk meeting with an “Original Gangster” (OG) of the Bloods gang, according to leaders of the Muslim group.

The two sides butted heads on Dec. 10 after an MCP&S member allegedly threw a teenage boy, who happened to be the son of an OG Bloods member, against a fence at the Masjid Taqwa in Brooklyn for “disrespecting” a Muslim woman.

After the teen told his father of the incident, seven Bloods went to the mosque with at least one brandishing a weapon. The Bloods confronted the MCP&S patrolman who was quickly joined by other MCP&S “officers.” The confrontation was soon broken up by the NYPD, but not before a Bloods member threatened the MCP&S patrol, saying, “This is not over. It’s just begun.”

That promise was fulfilled a few days later on Dec. 14 when a Muslim man was severely beaten outside the Masjid Taqwa. He was taken to the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center for treatment.

Following the beating, the Masjid Taqwa convened an emergency meeting on the evening of Dec. 18 to try to resolve the conflict. That meeting was chaired by mosque leaders Ali Karim, Hussein Baki and Imam Abud Muslimah. 

The mosque is seen as controlling New York City’s Muslim Community Patrol cars, along with hiring “patrolmen,” and assigning duties and routes for what amounts to a self-styled Muslim Sharia police force.

One of MCP&S’s first actions to appease the Bloods was to fire the member who threw the teen against the fence. The group also “revised its rules and regulations for policing non-Muslim areas,” though the new rules were not discussed with those in attendance.

The speedy measures come after the Bloods labeled the mosque and MCP&S as “food” for the gang’s notorious “dogs.”

“Once the Bloods declare you ‘food,’ all Bloods members are free to eat that food, and not just the faction that was offended,” a source familiar with the Bloods said.

A particular problem for MCP&S is that they do not know which Bloods faction they offended. The group is operating under the assumption the faction is from Marcus Ave. in Brooklyn.

7 MCP&S cars currently patrol NYC. The vehicles have the appearance of NYPD cars and boast sirens and emergency flashing lights. Muslim patrolmen have been accused of enforcing Sharia law on citizens.

Ali Karim stated at the meeting that they were reaching out to someone nicknamed Blood Jungle, a Bloods member who may be able to find the man whose son was roughed up by the MCP&S member.

Karim is second in command of MCP&S. Though he does not have an official title with the organization, he is responsible for hiring members and deploying the organization’s seven police-styled patrol cars. The cars are outfitted with sirens and flashing emergency lights and patrol mainly the Brooklyn area of New York City.

Karim informed mosque members that he has no plans to meet alone with the father, who is believed to be an “OG” (Original Gangster) of the Bloods.

“The OG is always protected,” an informer said.  “He’s going to have a small army of Bloods members with him if he agrees to the meeting.”

“I mean, the Bloods are not going to know if the MCP is really coming for a peaceful meeting or if they’re coming for revenge. It might be dangerous. These people don’t fistfight anymore. They shoot. They’re going to be strapped. They have to be. It will be their first meeting and they don’t know each other. So they’re going to be strapped.  They’re going to have artillery on both sides.”

If the meeting does take place it has not been determined who will accompany Ali Karim, though he stated he “needs people to come and go with him for security purposes, just in case.”

Some mosque members asked Karim if MCP patrolmen could possibly accompany him.

“No,” Karim said. “I’m going to try and settle this beef instead of starting a war at this time.”

Some in attendance said such conflicts could be avoided in the future if the MCP&S simply stopped patrolling non-Muslim areas.

Karim responded, “We’re going to do what is right and forbid what’s wrong. And just as we protect Muslims, we are going to protect non-Muslims as well.” He added that MCP&S has no plans to “stop the policing of other (non-Muslim) neighborhoods.”

Imam Muslimah agreed with Karim. “If we see something going on that’s not good, we have to step in. But how we do that can indeed be changed. We, as Muslims, are not bullies. Not at all.”

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