N.C. arts group apologizes for funding ‘white, Western Eurocentric organizations’


In a shocking of example of the fear of racism turning people completely and utterly racist, an arts-funding group in Charlotte, N.C. has actually apologized for funding the artistic heritage of people who happen to be white.

In a desperate attempt to signal its virtue, Charlotte’s Arts & Science Council in February apologized publicly for funding “8 white, Western Eurocentric organizations with unrestricted dollars to support their operations,” FOX News reports.

The highly undesirable groups included the Charlotte Symphony and Children’s Theatre of Charlotte.

Krista Terrell, acting president of the group, said that its Cultural Equity Report showed that “nine institutions each received more in operating support than all ALAANA (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Native American) organizations combined.”

“While I knew the facts in the report were startling, I never thought I would experience so intimately the uncomfortableness, the defensiveness, and the scaredness of white people reacting to the unvarnished truth,” Terrell, who is black, wrote on a blog last week.

“ASC has been complicit in upholding funding practices that elevate certain cultures, creative traditions, identities and art forms above others,” the report gravely confesses.

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra board of directors member Mike Rutledge, pushed back mildly against the report in the Charlotte Observer:

“I worry that their labeling of the Charlotte Symphony as a “white, Western Eurocentric organization” in their Cultural Equity Report could undermine that goal by perpetuating the stereotype that orchestral music is only created by, and for, certain people,” Rutledge wrote.


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