N.Y. Times crossword puzzle clue defines ‘greed’ as a ‘vice’ caused by ‘capitalism’

New York Tuesdays Crossword Puzzle/ Twitter screenshot

The New York Times continues to stumble and sink into leftist absurdity, now injecting its non-think politics into … its crossword puzzle?

A hint in the Feb. 22 puzzle read “vice encouraged by capitalism.” The “correct” answer, which fit in the spaces, was “greed.”

According to a DailyMail.com story the mockery on social media was intense, particularly for the way the newspaper preaches communist sentiments even as is profits off its ads and even the preachy puzzle itself.

Former Times writer Clifford May, tweeted: “Years ago, when I worked there, it was a great newspaper. If it stays on the current trajectory it won’t be a newspaper at all. Just another propaganda outlet.”

Some might argue that that milestone has already been reached and even left in the dust.

Another Twitter user, named Charlie, wrote, “NY Times charges for their crossword puzzle. Is that an example of capitalist greed.” Aaron Smith, also on Twitter, echoed the sentiment: “Fun fact: The NYT is a capitalist undertaking.”

The Times charges $6.95 for a crossword puzzle subscription.

“Seriously NYT?” wrote Clifford Asness on Twitter. “The ridiculous opinion pages aren’t enough for you?”

Well-known pundit Jonah Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Dispatch, tweeted: “Fun fact: in socialist and subsistence economies no one is ever greedy for anything.”

Several posts also claimed to be canceling their subscriptions to the paper and/or the puzzle.


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