Nashville Fire captain demoted after criticizing protesters

The Nashville Fire Department is reminding retail locations to follow Nashville Fire Codes while promoting social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic (PHOTO: Nashville Fire Department)

A Nashville, Tenn. Fire Department captain was recently placed on leave and then demoted for saying what most rational people think about violent, destructive, media-inflamed, anti-police protests across the nation:

“These protesters are the stupidest people on the planet, other than the arsonist and looters that hang out with them,” wrote Captain Tracy Turner on Facebook recently.

Of course, it is not acceptable to state a pro-law enforcement, pro-order viewpoint in public when you are on the public payroll. 

Turner has now been demoted weeks after being placed on paid administrative leave over several social media posts that drew complaints from pro-riot, pro-arson and pro-looting elements.

“Every member of the Nashville Fire Department is an ambassador for our department to the residents and visitors we serve. The social media posts made by Captain Tracy Turner do not represent the core values of our department,” Director Chief William Swann said in a statement released to FOX 17 News on Aug. 10.

Turner served as a captain with Fire Station 18 in East Nashville prior to being placed on paid leave. Along with being demoted to firefighter, he will also be required to take “sensitivity training” and training in how to use social media.

On Facebook, along with the “stupidest people on the planet” status update, he also wrote: “I am not or ever have been a Slave Owner or a Bad Cop. Me or anyone else I know have never even spoke to the White Privilege office.”

He has since been compelled to post an apology on Facebook, saying he “truly did not mean to offend anyone.”

Chief Swann said Turner’s work assignments will be determined by the Fire Operations Chief for a period of two years.


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