New Hampshire High School Latest Scene of Anti-MAGA Censorship

The principal at Ciretta Mackenzie's high school in New Hampshire said the iconic red hat and T-shirt violated the school’s dress code policy, which according to Mackenzie, doesn’t actually say anything specifically about political clothing. (Fox News photo)

Fox News – A New Hampshire teenager said she felt ashamed and embarrassed when her high school principal told her she needed to cover up the “Make America Great Again” T-shirt and hat she wore for a patriotic celebration.

Ciretta Mackenzie, a freshman at Epping High School, told Boston 25 she had to borrow a friend’s sweatshirt and took off the hat after being reprimanded for wearing the “MAGA” gear on Monday – which was “America Pride Day” at school.

“It’s just a shirt, and it only says ‘Trump: Make America Great Again.’ It doesn’t say anything like ‘build a wall,’ so I don’t get how it could be offensive . . . ” Mackenzie told the news station.

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