New York BLM leader defends looters and compares U.S. to ‘terrorists’

His comments were in response to Rudy Giuliani's calls for Trump to declare BLM a 'domestic terrorist organization'

The leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in New York maintains that the group is “fighting for human rights,” even as the group’s protests degenerate into looting and vandalism sprees in several large U.S. cities.

Sparring with former New York City Mayor and current presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani, Hawk Newsome, the chairman of BLM’s Greater New York chapter, tried to turn the tables by asking why Giuliani had not taken a hard stance on white supremacists and the KKK.

No “white supremacists” or KKK members are known to be burning, vandalizing and looting in U.S. cities.

Appearing on FOX’s The Story with Martha MacCallum on Aug. 18, Newsome was responding to Giuliani’s recent statement that President Trump should declare Black Lives Matter a “domestic terrorist organization.” Giuliani claimed BLM activists had “basically engaged in stealing”, and called the group an “illegal organization” whose intent is “to overthrow our government.”

Newsome fired back that the U.S. government were the true terrorists for “pillaging” other countries for “diamonds and oils.” He refused to say directly whether or not he supported looting by protesters, and said Giuliani was mischaracterizing protesters who are fighting for human rights.

“He’s talking about mothers and fathers who are out there protesting,” Newsome said.

“He’s talking about black people and white people who are out there fighting for the rights of every human being — for equity, for human rights — and he’s calling us terrorists?”

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