New York Bookstore Closes in Protest Over Abortion Laws

Bookstore owner, Jon Speed, says he is closing his book shop and moving to Texas in protest over New York's abortion laws.

NTD.New York bookstore owner is closing down his shop and moving to Texas over New York’s new abortion laws.

Jon Speed, owner of The Book Scout in Syracuse, left a flyer on his front door explaining the decision, via a photo on the store’s website.

“Due to the continued tyranny of the State, we will no longer operate a small business in New York.

“We cannot, in good conscience, continue to pay sales tax to a state that encourages the murder of its own children with glee.”

He announced reduced prices on his stock in preparation for the move. The story has since gone viral.

Earlier in the year, the bookstore closed for “a day of mourning in New York State,” when the Reproductive Health Act was passed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The controversial law is involves a significant loosening of abortion restrictions, giving women a wider set of options of when they can end their unborn baby’s life and vastly reducing the rights of unborn babies.


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