Nuns accused of pimping out boys to gay priests, politicians and wealthy men

The cathedral in Speyer, GermanyAFP via Getty Images

A claim by a man now 63 years old sheds new and shocking light on the extent and depth of rot in the European Catholic church, going all the way back to the 1960s.

The man says he was a victim of child rape and that nuns facilitated his abuse. He accused nuns at a now-closed Catholic children’s home in Germany of “pimping” out young orphans to priests, politicians and various wealthy men.

The victim has remained anonymous despite having prevailed in a legal fight for reparations in May over the horrors he endured, starting when he was 5 years old in March of 1963.

The man says he has grappled with post-traumatic stress syndrome and depression throughout his subsequent life, and was awarded a judgment of 25,000 euros by a German court on the basis of claims that he had been raped more than 1,000 times.

He said he wasn’t the only victim.

Germany’s Bishop of Speyer, Karl-Heinz Wiesemann, spoke out recently in public for the first time about former diocese official Rudolf Motzenbäcker, named as one of the abusers in the case.

Motzenbäcker died in 1998.

The anonymous victim said he was beaten and routinely “literally dragged” by nuns to Motzenbäcker’s home where he was sexually abused, he told Der Spiegel magazine, according to the Times of London.

The former Speyer Cathedral altar boy was also taken from the home to appear at “sex parties” arranged by nuns on behalf of clergyman and the local elite.

“The nuns were pimps,” he charged, in court testimony.

“There was a room where the nuns served drinks and food to the men and in the other corner the children were raped,” court records read, according to German news agency KNA. “The nuns earned money. The men present donated generously.”

“Sometimes I would run back to the home in blood-smeared clothes, the blood ran down my legs,” he said. “Before I left in September 1972, I had been sexually abused about a thousand times.”


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