Black Lives Matter annual ‘Black Xmas” protests against ‘White Capitalism’

APU GOMES/AFP via Getty Images

How about a Christmas parade to attack “capitalism,” with a heavy dose of racism thrown in? As if communism and black nationalism have always been historic buddies, fighting side by side against the evils of white America?

That’s what the California seaside community of Marina del Rey saw the weekend before Christmas as part of Black Lives Matter’s annual “Black Xmas” protest to disrupt “white capitalism,” according to The Daily Wire.

This year, BLM particularly targeted Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos, the world’s wealthiest person with a net worth of $182 billion, who also owns The Washington Post.

On Dec. 19 demonstrators met at Yvonne Burke Park and marched to a shopping center chanting, “Jeff Bezos is a leech, that’s why we’re in these streets.” The procession ended in front of an Amazon store that provides secure pickup and free returns for items purchased through the online retailer.

A BLM-led coalition — which presumably never orders from Amazon — documented the protest on social media.

“Disrupting white capitalism with @BLMLA,” the group tweeted from the scene. “The malls are still open because our elected officials care more about protecting capital than anything else.”

BLM re-launched its “Black Xmas” campaign over Thanksgiving weekend, calling for “no spending with White corporations” through New Year’s Day.

That is, make sure to make your Christmas shopping racially based.

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