Oklahoma governor signs bill banning gender-neutral bathrooms in public schools

Gender Neutral Bathroom banned in Oklahoma

The same day he signed the nation’s most restrictive ban on abortion, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill that only a few years ago would have seemed ridiculously unnecessary: The state now must require by law that boy public school students use the boys’ restroom, and girls use the girls’.

The bill was passed overwhelmingly by Oklahoma’s Republican-controlled House and Senate the previous week, and Stitt signed it on May 25, reported the leftist-funded Associated Press.

It is predictable backlash against liberal political and cultural leaders who have put the very ideas of maleness and femaleness in doubt, all for the purpose of sexualizing young children.

“It’s about safety, it’s about protection, it’s about common sense,” said Rep. Danny Williams, the House author of the bill. “The goal of this bill is to protect our children.”

Democrats who opposed the bill said it singles out and targets transgender students. Transgender students are an ill-defined class who may or may not need mental health services but for some reason need everyone to change to fit their own reality.

The bill was proposed after a state school district refused to change a policy that allowed students to use whatever bathroom they wanted.

said the bill violates federal law and she is discussing legal action with other organizations, including the ACLU and Lambda Legal.

“This law is unconstitutional, a violation of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, and more than anything it is unnecessarily cruel for the sake of cruelty,” said Nicole McAfee, executive director of Freedom Oklahoma, which supports lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and “queer” people in their attempts to control the behavior of others.

Stitt, a Republican, earlier this year signed bills to prevent transgender “girls” who are actually boys from playing on female school sports teams and to prevent transgender people from falsifying their birth certificates.


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