Pentagon doctors say children as young as SEVEN should be able to get puberty blockers

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What on earth is going on at the Pentagon? Have they lost their minds?

How can they possibly justify allowing children as young as seven to decide if they want to undergo irreversible and potentially harmful medical interventions that will forever alter their bodies and minds?

That’s what a team of military medical practitioners in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) have argued in a recent article published in the American Journal of Public Health.

The authors – David A. Klein, Thomas Baxter, Noelle S. Larson and clinical psychologist Natasha A. Schvey, PhD – insisted that the military should teach all its providers their views on gender medical interventions for children.

They claim that children have an “inherent ability and right” to consent to “gender-affirming” care, such as puberty suppression and affirming hormones, regardless of their parents’ wishes or opinions.

They also claim that denying such care to children who identify as transgender or gender-diverse is a violation of their human rights and that waiting for them to mature before making such life-changing decisions is “unethical, harmful, and generally illegal”.

This is utter nonsense. It is madness. It is child abuse.

Children are not capable of making such decisions.

They are not mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions. Peer pressure, social media, and ideological propaganda easily influence them. They are vulnerable to confusion, manipulation, and regret.

Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are not harmless or reversible.

They have serious side effects, such as bone loss, infertility, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cancer, and mental health issues.

They also interfere with the brain’s natural development, which continues well into adulthood.

There is no evidence that these interventions improve children’s mental health or well-being with gender dysphoria.

In fact, there is evidence that they may worsen it.

There is also evidence that many children who experience gender dysphoria will eventually desist or grow out of it if left alone.

The Pentagon doctors who wrote this article are not acting in the best interests of the children they claim to care about.

They are acting in the interests of a radical agenda that seeks to erase biological reality and impose a new orthodoxy on society.

They are also betraying their oath as medical professionals to do no harm and to respect the autonomy and dignity of their patients.

They should be ashamed of themselves. And they should be stopped.


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