Pittsburgh Council, Schools, Target Christian-Owned Chick-fil-A

The leaders of the pack for the Toyota Pittsburgh Kids Marathon cross the Roberto Clemente bridge during the race in downtown Pittsburgh Saturday, May 6, 2017. (Pam Panchak/Post-Gazette photo)

Pittsburgh Post Gazette – School board and city council members are amplifying pressure on the Pittsburgh Marathon to drop Chick-fil-A as title sponsor at a children’s event. Unless marathon organizers boot the fast-food chain, a proposed resolution due before the Pittsburgh Public Schools board would ban district employees and schools from participating in “an official capacity” in the one-mile Kids Marathon,  held the day before the main race in May.

Meanwhile, all nine council members signed a letter asking the marathon to nix the funding deal. Their correspondence went to the P3R nonprofit, which manages the race events, just as its board was due to discuss the sponsorship.

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