Police are investigating school board president who gathered SS numbers on ‘wacko’ parents

Jann-Michael Greenburg

The police are now involved after a school district president in Arizona let it slip that he was keeping a “secret” dossier on parents who were considered “psychos,” “wackos” and “lunatics.”

In a testy email exchange with a parent, Scottsdale Unified School District President Jann-Michael Greenburg sent a screen capture of a Facebook conversation in order to show a mom she was anti-semitic. Unfortunately for Greenburg, visible in the image was the URL of a Google Drive cloud directory full of files containing personal information of parents who oppose Critical Race theory and mask mandates. The files include social security numbers, financial information and even divorce records.

Arizona law restricts the use and circulation of personal identifying information such as Social Security numbers.

The Scottsdale Police Department said in a statement Saturday that it was “aware of the allegations” against Greenburg. “We are conducting an investigation into the matter and will report our findings once it is complete, a statement from the department said.

School district officials announced on Nov. 12 that an outside forensic investigator will be brought in to determine if school resources were used to create the Google Drive background documents on selected parents. Greenburg, 27, a business executive and an attorney, did not immediately reply to a Nov. 13 request for comment from DailyMail.com.

District Superintendent Scott Menzel said the private dossier was allegedly created by Greenburg’s father, and emphasized that the district was not involved with the dossier and that the files contained no student information.

Tensions between parents and public schools have been escalating across the country in recent months, fueled by racist and anti-American curricula, homosexual indoctrination, sexual assault cover-ups and mask and vaccine mandates.

Scottsdale schools’ secret dossier, now tied to Greenburg, appears to be an attempt to collect damaging information on parents who oppose CRT, mask mandates and remote learning. Some of the information had been converted into meme-like images, with text directly revealing personal and financial information.


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