Ore. school board fires school superintendent who wasn’t removing BLM flags fast enough

Joe Morelock/ Facebook

Despite tears, weigh-ins from leftist big-mouths like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and relentlessly one-sided coverage from liberal “news media,” an Oregon school board went ahead on Nov. 9 and fired its district superintendent, reports NBC’s KGW8 in Portland.

Joe Morelock, the superintendent of the Newberg School District in Oregon, had been dragging his feet implementing a policy to remove homosexual “pride” and Black Lives Matter flags from classrooms and school hallways. When a four-member majority of the school board voted to oust him (with a year’s pay and benefits), the female leftist board members who supported Morelock erupted in tears of rage.

Morelock had said in September in opposition to the policy that the district would have a hard time evenly enforcing the policy across all its schools, even though the policy was clearly stated.

“I think the difficulty is that we have different people in different buildings taking these complaints. The problem is going to be getting consistency over what’s okay and what’s not okay,” Morelock said.

That didn’t sit well with the board’s four conservative members, David Brown, Brian Shannon, Renee Powell, and Trevor DeHart, who voted at the start of the Nov. 9 board meeting to add the firing resolution to the agenda. The board’s other three members, Rebecca Piros, Brandy Penner, and Ines Peña, vociferously opposed them. At the end of the meeting, the resolution to fire Morelock passed 4-3, with Brown, Shannon, Powell, and DeHart voting in favor.

The controversy resulting from the ban has been ongoing for months after the board majority instituted the policy in August. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez visited and tweeted about it at the time.

The Oregonian confirmed that the district will pay Morelock $175,000 over the next 12 months, cover his health insurance and pay $5,000 into an annuity on his behalf.

The meeting was marked by high drama, name-calling, and tears from members opposing the firing, and supporting gay and black militant flags in children’s classrooms.

“I protest that none of you had anything to say about why you wanted to do this, that the public is … ,” Piros said before she was interrupted by Brown.

“It’s over. It’s done, Rebecca,” Brown said.


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