Police forces in Britain allow convicted MALE rapists to be recorded as females

Some of the vile London rapists locked up so far this year

Scratch you head all you want, you’re not going to figure this one out. Six police departments in Britain are now allowing male rapists to identify as females on their official database used by the Home Office.

Not only is this logically absurd, but frames the rape as an assault by female using a penis to penetrate another woman. How are they not all bald in England from scratching their collective heads?

The policy, quite naturally, has outraged many sensible Brits.

Jacksalive wrote: “I’m really going to have to stop reading the paper before I get up. It puts me in a bad mood before I even step in the shower. Has the world gone completely mad?”

DuckSwanny put it more simply: “When will this insanity end?”

Revelation of the policy police came after a Freedom of Information request was filed by a women’s rights group, Fair Play for Woman (FPW), that sought info on how police compile official records.

Commenting up on the idiotic policy, Nicola Williams of FPW told the Sunday Times, “You can’t get much more of a male crime than rape.”

So far, the six police departments have yet to indicate any embarrassment over the policy.

A statement from the South Yorkshire police says, “We will accept the details that an individual provides us and treat them accordingly.” It is not clear whether this statement means male rapists who identify as a woman are placed in female facilities.

The National Police Chief’s Council would only state, “‘How gender is recorded is a matter for each individual force. However, as a general rule we will accept the details that an individual provides us and treat them accordingly.’

The six police departments adopting the gender identity policy are: South Yorkshire, Thames Valley, Durham, Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk.


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