As the swamp churns

Illustration titled, “If you want to get rid of mosquitos, drain the swamp that breeds them.” (1909) (Library of Congress)

The DC Swamp is alive with the sound of impeachment…                                       

But this latest Democrat HOAX, the follow up to the two year Russian Collusion HOAX, is still churning in the Washington DC Swamp… though with not quite the intensity it had.

Political Commentator Glenn Beck has released information showing explosive collusion between high DC Democrat Party officials – including a former White House staffer in the Clinton Administration – had worked with Ukraine officials searching for dirt of Donald Trump and his campaign officials to help sabotage his campaign… and help Crooked Hillary Clinton.

The rule of thumb has always been: what liberal extremists accuse you of – they have or are guilty of committing.

The lying democrat fake news media are so beside themselves that the democrat impeachment HOAX isn’t sticking… they now openly declare that those who offer any defense or actual facts in Trump’s favor… are enablers.

As former Rep. Jason Chaffetz states, “The democrats have decided that to ‘save democracy’ [apparently from us conservative deplorables…] they must subvert it.  To protect free speech, they must resist it.  To fend off fascism, they must practice it.  To promote good public policy, they must resist it. To uphold the rule of law, they must violate it.”

Fascists everywhere must be smiling…

(Washington Times, Fox News, Reuters, )


Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff

California Liberal Extremist Rep. Adam Shifty Schiff continues to spew outright LIES as he did for the entire two or more years of the fake Russian Collusion HOAX that he spread – in order to deflect attention from the real colluders with foreign governments: 

Barack Hussein Obama, Crooked Hillary Clinton, John Islam Brennan, The Clapp: James Clapper, Obama’s Homey James Comey, all dealing with assets in Russia, Ukraine, Britain and others and of course the collusion with the lying liberal fake news media attempting to steal the election for Clinton and then to remove a legally elected president.

Commentator and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has slammed the lyin democrat fake news media for failing to call out and expose Shifty Schiff’s repeated lies about some anti-Trump, democrat “Whistleblower”…  whom we know now Shifty had talked to beforehand and lied about his connection to this democrat operative.

This is a total contrived and manufactured HOAX – just as Shifty LIED about the Russian HOAX in his demonic-like hatred for President Trump.

It would be fair to ask: Who is controlling and funding Shifty? Is it the Clinton campaign… the DNC… the lying fake news media… Georgie Soros…  ?

President Trump and a growing list of House Members are calling for his censure for his outright lying, bias and deceit.

(Daily Mail, 10-12-19, Washington Times, FOX News)


A vital part of the impeachment HOAX as he is demanding the president’s impeachment…

…is the desperation of former Vice President Joe Biden, democrats and their lying fake news media desperately trying attention to deflect form the Biden family crimes and collusion with foreign government trading influence or cash.

Hunter Biden (Kris Connor/Getty Images)

More and more shocking facts continue to emerge including that Biden’s son had actually traveled aboard Air Force Two in making his questionable, potentially criminal but surely unethical schemes in not only Ukraine… but also in Communist China 

As usual with democrats and their lying media:  the crimes they allege about conservatives – they are actually committing.

Colluding with foreign governments… trading influence with the Obama administration – in return for cash…  threatening to withhold foreign aid in return for dropping a criminal investigation… lying and potentially obstructing justice.

A 2008 video surfaced showing NBC’s Tom Brokaw interviewing and actually calling out  Je and his son Hunter’s deals and corruption.  

Its hard to imagine the lying democrat fake news media doing that today… all the fake news networks try their best to ignore the subject.  Surprise, Surprise!

President Trump recently correctly stated that the Biden’s got rich while America got robbed while “Sleepy Joe” sold out America, referring to the Obama administration’s allowing China better deals over America – while Biden’s son 

(The Hill, Newsweek, FOX News, The Atlantic, New York Post)


Where is the government insider “whistleblower” that  wild-eyed Rep. Adam Shifty Schiff had ready to give the democrats and their breathless media the ammo to finally take down that rouge Donald Trump?

He or she seems to have… vanished.

Shifty Schiff LIED to the American public daily for over two years that he had undeniable truth that Trump committed “collusion” with Russia to some how steal the 2016 election. That democrat HOAX  failed miserably…

… then liberal extremist Speaker Nancy Pelosi put Schifty Schiff in charge of the “impeachment” investigations which flared brightly when it was first announced that their was a mysterious government “whistleblower” who would “knew secondhand” what Trump discussed with the Ukraine leader.

But then President Trump ruined that scheme when he blew his own whistle and released a transcript of his call showing nothing illegal, no trading favors, no withholding aid. 

Shifty’s supposed whistleblower had no whistle to blow… and no testimony to give before Congress that would hurt Trump.

And then it was revealed that Schiff had – what else – LIED — when he said he had never talked with the whistleblower… and then it was revealed that the person was represented by a democrat attorney… and then we learned that the mysterious person had some past association with the Bidens.

And just like that: no the democrats and their lying media stopped talking about a whistleblower.

Foiled again by The Donald.


Nancy Pelosi (Getty Images photo)

On Wednesday, Democrat leaders Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer abruptly “stormed out” of a meeting in the White House with President Trump and others discussing the president’s removal our troops from Syria.

According to some in the room, Pelosi threw a tantrum… or perhaps had a mental breakdown.  Regardless… multiple lying, liberal, biased media outlets that worship at the democrat alter were breathlessly waiting for Pelosi and Schumer’s hate Trump comments.

Almost makes you wonder it the tantrum was staged just for their devoted media…


President Trump claims the Democrat House of Representatives is only pursuing impeachment because they are still trying to overturn the results of the 2016 that they lost – in spite of their massive, illegal collusion with foreign interests, the Obama / Clinton Deep State bureaucrats and the lying fake news media.

 The president and his attorneys have “declared war” on these hypocrite democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerald Nadler, and as always… the lying media doing their bidding.  Or is the reverse with the Democrats doing the bidding of the lying media… who have been incensed with Trump confronting them for their bias, lies and distortions – their FAKE NEWS.

The White House told the Democrat leaders that they would not cooperate in what they are calling an illegal and unconstitutional effort “to overturn the results of the 2016 election” and remove a president simply because they disagree with and don’t like him exposing their corruption.

The DC Swamp is fighting back and setting the stage for a constitutional clash!

(The Hill, New York Times, Reuters)


The ongoing “impeachment” proceedings in the Democrat led House of Representatives is not following any known constitutional and legal due process.  Democrat leaders are reluctant to hold a full vote for now – perhaps so that their more “moderate” members will not have to go on record as wanting to impeach a president who is popular in their home district.  Or is another reason that has yet to be revealed?

The democrat “Russian Collusion” HOAX fell apart… the recent “Whistleblower” case has seemingly fallen apart… is their impeachment push falling apart?

Pelosi is saying there is “no need” for a formal vote to move forward with the “impeachment” process – though that is totally at odds with past impeachment proceedings brought against President’s Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton where the majority voted to proceed according to the Constitution.

Lawless proceedings were a hallmark of the eight years of the Obama administration and his Attorney General Eric Holder and liberal, activist, Obama-appointed federal judges. Democrats are again making up laws and process as it fits their goals.

Their seemingly illegal and unconstitutional actions may well end up being decided in the federal courts… and ultimately the Supreme Court.

(USA Today, NY Post


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