President Trump installs ‘1776 Commission’ to promote patriotic education

President Trump signed an executive order Monday designed to promote what he called "patriotic education" and to push back on the idea that the country is "irredeemably and systemically racist."

Making good on yet another promise to his supporters, President Trump signed an executive order on Nov. 2 aimed at promoting more “patriotic education” and offering resistance to the leftist accusation that the United States is “irredeemably and systemically racist.”

The order includes having a “1776 Commission” conduct a two-year study and publish a report on the core ideals of the nation, reports FOX News. The group would go on to advise the federal government on how to better build founding principles into grants and other activities.

“Without our common faith in the equal right of every individual American to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, authoritarian visions of government and society could become increasingly alluring alternatives to self-government based on the consent of the people,” the order reads in part.

The order is part of the president’s fight against “critical race theory,” or diversity training that the administration has deemed racially divisive and detrimental to American society.

The Trump administration in September ordered federal agencies to halt such training of federal employees after explosive internal documents were published. Trump went on to forbid such training by federal contractors as well.

Supporters of diversity training generally argue that it helps people understand how their implicit biases affect others in the workplace and other locations, but a large number of Americans object to being treated as biased, insensitive, racist and ignorant by others claiming moral superiority.


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