Principal fired for calling Black Lives Matter a ‘leftist lie”

Scott D'Orazio courtesy photo

In a case disturbingly similar to that of an elementary school principal allegedly fired over posts to her own Facebook account, a school principal in the same state, Pennsylvania, was recently fired over his own personal posting in which Black Lives Matter (BLM) was labeled a “leftist lie.”

A kind of tattletale Facebook account called “We See What You’re Doing” reposted the item and shared it to the school’s account, after which the Northeastern School District board in Manchester, Pa. approved a “separation agreement” with Shallow Brook Intermediate School principal Scott D’Orazio on Dec. 7, the York Daily Record reported.

D’Orazio had shared a video to his Facebook page in June and called the BLM movement a “leftist lie.”

The founders of BLM have indeed called themselves “trained Marxists.”

Officials said the principal’s misdeed was to delete the post from the school’s Twitter account along with resulting comments, the paper reported. District Superintendent Stacey Sidle said D’Orazio’s dismissal was in the best interest of students and staff.

“Recognizing the call for new leadership at Shallow Brook Intermediate, the Board and the Administration believe that the interests of the School District and the community are best served by approving the Separation Agreement,” she said in a statement.

An investigation was initiated after the district received reports of the post and “subsequent deletions of commentary calling its content into question,” it said in a June statement.

It went on to disavow racism, as if skepticism about BLM were automatically racist.

Is BLM Hiding A Marxist Agenda?

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