Propaganda Program for LGBTQ Targets Nursery Schools

Drag Queen Dress-Up Day? A program to introduce nursery school children to homosexual and transgender propaganda is promoted in England and aims to spread to America we well. How to stop it is still an open question. (Instagram photo)

The next target for so-called LGBTQ+ social engineering activists: nursery school.

A think tank in England super-funded by ultra-liberal Goldsmiths University of London developed curriculum guides with song books and activity plans that include the praises of discovery: “Are You a Boy, or Are You a Girl?”

The research university prominently situated in the finer districts of England’s capital, with noted professors and scientists, funds asking two-year-old children for answers to what sex they are.

They do so in the name of inclusion, as if telling the truth about biology, that human procreation is binary: male and female required, is hateful bullying. As if everyone else must change their beliefs in order for harmony to exist in society.

The look of a teacher with their student in nursery schools of America may change if the values of “Desmond is Amazing” and his celebrity friends, like one pictured here, are taught through curricula from England. (Twitter photo)

The irony and tragedy of this program called “Educate and Celebrate” are not lost on Jennifer Roberts, editor for the Mommy Underground online parenting magazine.

“They have succeeded in bringing teachers on board to release shocking new training materials designed to target children as young as two,” Roberts said.

This is becoming popular in England and Scotland, spreading through Europe also, and aims to bring what endorsers call a fully innovative approach to America as well.

“Educate and Celebrate boasts resources aimed at helping teachers transform their school into an LGBT atmosphere,” Roberts said.

these types of songs are bound to confuse them at best, or scar them for life

“They have songs, books, skits, and training materials all designed to help students become ‘transgender’ themselves,” she added. “Introducing children to a ‘rainbow week power-point,’ or reading them stories about ‘changing genders’ is truly child abuse.”

The program includes children’s songs such as “Rainbow Parade Song” and “Are You a Boy Or are You a Girl?”

“So much for children classics like Wheels on The Bus, or Old MacDonald,” Roberts said. “It is truly unimaginable to envision little two-year-old children sitting in nurseries singing about ‘Josh and Jaz and their three moms.’”

Roberts exclaimed on behalf of outraged families how horrifying this brainwashing of children is. A question remained unanswered, though: how do we stop it?

“Children are young and impressionable, and these types of songs are bound to confuse them, at best, or scar them for life, at worst,” she said.


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