Seattle Christians confronted by knife-wielding protesters

Hundreds of Christians in Seattle turned out Monday in the area formerly dubbed Capitol Hill Organized Protest, were confronted by “violent protesters” who flashed knives, shouted obscenities at local Black pastors and hailed Satan

The battle lines are being drawn as protests continue in the Northwest, with rioters beginning to show their true colors by brandishing weapons, shouting obscenities and even hailing Satan at Christians who came out to counter their demonstrations.

On Aug. 10 hundreds of church members in Seattle flocked to the area formerly dubbed Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP, and were met by protesters who flashed knives, screamed obscenities at attending Black pastors and loudly praised Satan, according to worship leader and activist Sean Feucht.

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The church members sang Gospel music, prayed and even got baptized at the worshipful counter-protest, said Feucht, founder of “Hold the Line” ministries. The huge gathering at a city park largely ignored coronavirus restrictions on large gatherings, reported KING-TV, with most people in the crowd not wearing facial coverings or maintaining social distance.

Feucht wrote in an Instagram post: “Violent protestors showed up flashing knives! We had an entire satanic cult march through the worshippers the entire time yelling ‘Hail Satan!’ We had white Antifa yelling & threatening black local pastors! They yelled obscenities and cursed at my wife and kids all night long!” he said.

Feucht said he had more than two dozen bodyguards around him to keep back protesters, who tried to break up the event and broke the band’s musical instruments.


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