CAN’s 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Legal Brief on Islamic Indoctrination

Kevin and Melissa Wood are parents of Caleigh Wood who challenged the Islamic indoctrination program at La Plata High School in Maryland

Friend of Court Brief Appealing Fed Court Ruling

On June 15, 2018 Christian Action Network (CAN) filed a “friend of court” brief to overturn a federal court ruling upholding Islamic indoctrination programs in the public schools. CAN is based in Forest, VA.

The brief focuses on the legal battle between a father and daughter, Kevin and Caleigh Wood, who live in LaPlata, MD and the Charles County Board of Education. The case is now on appeal at the 4thCircuit Court of Appeals.

Martin Mawyer, president of CAN, said his organization is joining the Thomas More Law Center, lead counsel in the case, to get the court ruling overturned.

“This school clearly advanced Islam over Christianity, violating the neutrality principle they are supposed to abide by,” Mawyer said.

“Whatever their intentions were, forcing children to recite words that favor one religion over their own is both offensive and unconstitutional on its face.”

U.S. District Court Judge George J. Hazel ruled in March that 11th-grader Caleigh Wood of La Plata High School, MD, and her former-marine dad, could not sue the school district for violating their First Amendment rights.

Click the link below to open the brief:

Friend of Court Brief Appealing Fed Court Ruling



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