Sen. Rick Scott blasts ‘woke corporate America’ and expects ‘massive backlash’

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott

Big American corporations are turning themselves into political bullies, using market share, name recognition and profits to try and force a change in America, and one senator is speaking out.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott slammed “woke corporate America” on April 20 in a scathing letter that condemned corporations trying to whip up a false narrative about Georgia’s voting laws. The open letter warned corporations including Major League Baseball and Delta Air Lines that they would face a “massive backlash” from more conservative U.S. states for inserting themselves into the debate, according to a report at

Scott singled out Delta and MLB by name. The baseball movers and shakers had relocated the All-Star Game from Truist Park in Atlanta to Denver, Colo. in protest of Georgia’s move to make elections less prone to Democrat fraud and cheating.

“You know that the Georgia law actually expands early voting and does nothing to suppress or curtail the voting rights of anyone,” Scott stated. “And yes, the Georgia law requires an ID to vote. Well, so does Delta Airlines, and so does Major League Baseball in order to pick up tickets.”

Scott predicted “a massive backlash” with Republicans taking “back the Senate and the House” in November 2022.

Scott went on to accuse companies of “destroying people’s jobs and hurt people who haven’t worked since COVID-19 took a member of their family or destroyed their small business.”

The senator also hit out at the companies for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of last year’s police-involved death of George Floyd.

“You get texts from your elitist friends praising you for your courageous stand when you support “mostly peaceful” movements that loot small businesses, set fire to government buildings, and take the lives of innocent people,” Scott wrote.


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