Sheriff slams Loudoun County school board for requesting 65 officers to protect them from parents

Loudoun County Sheriff department

As leftist school boards and education officials try to turn concerned parents into “domestic terrorists,” even trying to get the Department of Justice to mobilize a federal crackdown, their claims of victimhood are showing some cracks.

In Loudoun County, Va., where a sexual assault was apparently covered up to protect a pro-transgender agenda, documents obtained by FOX News show friction between the local sheriff’s office and a school board trying to whip up major liberal drama.

Law enforcement’s problems with the school board include a complaint that the board should have let residents speak at an explosive meeting on June 22, in which a father was arrested after speaking publicly about an alleged assault on his daughter in an all-genders bathroom, by a boy in a skirt.

School superintendent Scott Ziegler made “extraordinary” security requests of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for subsequent meetings, the documents show, including a request to sweep for explosives and one for undercover officers.

The documents were acquired with a public records request from Fight for Schools PAC, which has been opposing the school district’s “equity” initiatives.

An Aug. 6 email has Ziegler requesting multiple LCSO deputies, a “five-person Quick Reaction Force (QRF),” undercover LCSO deputies at the administrative building and a SWAT team on standby, among other security measures.

The response of Sheriff Mike Chapman, the same day, was to call Ziegler’s requests extraordinary since the Loudoun County School Board (LCSB) had already set up several security measures of its own. According to Chapman, that included 10 armed security officers and metal detectors for people entering the building.

Chapman wrote: “[Y]our request is extraordinary and would likely constitute LCSO’s commitment of a minimum of approximately 65 sworn deputies. Despite this, you fail to provide any justification for such a manpower intensive request.”

Chapman confirmed to Fox News that he bolded the words “extraordinary” and “any justification” in the email for emphasis. Ziegler did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.


  1. It sounds like the school board needs to be arrested. Whichever pig arrested the father of the raped girl should also be arrested for collusion and conspiracy to deny the man his civil rights.
    The sheriff should resign for having his head up his azz for letting any of this happen to start with.
    The pigs get paid to protect the public, but then they arrest the victims and smear their names.
    The pigs, people, are not our friends.

  2. If those Marxist knuckleheads on the Loudoun County school board think they need protection from parents who only have the welfare of their kids in mind then they must know they’re doing something wrong.

  3. These school administrator bullies have been kicked in the teeth and now they are afraid and on the run and showing their true stripes as cowards.

  4. So why are none of the people on that school board walking around, living their lives as if nothing happened. By covering up the rape in that High School they were aiding and abetting the commission of a crime at the very least. By transferring the perp to a different school, where he/she/it (she-it) raped another girl, they aided in the commission of yet another crime. Why haven’t they been charged? Why didn’t law enforcement step right in and start knocking school board heads when the board hid the crime? Why haven’t any of these people been charged?


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