Small Christian school sues Oregon Governor over shut down while allowing public schools to reopen

Meg Roussos/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Pushback is happening against Democrat governors and officials who have used COVID-19 as a chance to inflict their prejudices and biases on U.S. citizens, and in at least one case to keep the stream of federal dollars coming at the same time.

In Oregon, a small Christian school has filed suit against Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and other state officials and chargeing that the state is discriminating against private and religious schools by keeping them under lockdown while letting public schools reopen.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a lawsuit on Oct. 16 on behalf of Hermiston Christian School, a K-12 school in Hermiston, Ore. which has only 51 students. The lawsuit reads in part: “After 41 years of faithful service, Hermiston Christian School (‘HCS’) could be forced to shut its doors for good unless the Court stops an obvious case of discrimination: Defendants’ COVID-19 orders and guidance generally prohibit in- person instruction but grant a ‘small school’ exception to public schools while denying the same exception to private religious schools (‘Religious School Closure’) in Umatilla County.”

The suit claims that even though Brown at first led the school’s leaders to understand that they would be allowed to hold in-person classes if they complied with certain health requirements, the governor ended up closing private schools in Umatilla County and other parts of the state on July 29.

On the other hand, public schools were exempted if they maintained 75 students or fewer. Those who violate the governor’s order potentially face 30 days’ imprisonment and a fine of $1,250.

The lawsuit alleges that Brown reversed course out of a fear of falling public school enrollment. “The reason for Defendants’ discriminatory treatment is clear: on the very same day that Defendants continued their prohibition of in-person instruction for religious schools, a policy advisor and liaison for Governor Brown discussed the potential for a ‘mass exodus’ of children from public schools and emphasized that public schools could suffer a reduction in funding if students disenrolled to obtain education elsewhere.”

It’s always about the money.


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