Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Nike under fire for failing to use transgender pronouns

A story out of Oregon is illustrating the almost ridiculous confusion that arises when people in everyday life must adjust their language to fit...

Transgender woman sues Miss USA pageant, alleging gender discrimination

United States of America Pageants is facing a lawsuit from a transgender woman – otherwise known as a man – which alleges that...

Evangelist sues city of Portland after being told to leave park

A West-coast city with a reputation for "cracking down on street preachers" now faces legal action from one of those speakers, who appears to...

Chick-Fil-A food truck triggers Oregon student walkout

When there’s not much left to protest, there are still oppressive chicken sandwiches from a conservative Christian restaurant chain’s food truck. And protest they...

Man beaten on beach for using women’s bathroom

NewNowNext. A homeless transgender woman was brutally attacked on an Oregon beach after using a women’s restroom, Portland’s KATU News reports.

Two arrested for assault on MAGA hat wearing man

Police have arrested a man and woman who allegedly assaulted a man wearing a MAGA cap while he was on a date...