Son Killed Parents Due To His ‘Transgender Girl’ Fantasies

Born Andrew Balcer, a son blamed his parents Antonio and Alice Balcer, he said, for not supporting him enough with his "transition" into becoming female. His attorney argued that the teenager was dealing with trauma and isolation, lacking family support, when the killings happened. (Facebook photo)

[We at CAN note as much as possible correct gender facts and pronoun uses regarding individuals. Corrections of original published reports are bracketed]

The Daily Mail – A teenager who told authorities [he] ‘snapped’ and killed [his] parents while struggling with gender identity and acceptance was sentenced Tuesday to 40 years in prison.

Andrea Balcer, 20, who was known as Andrew at the time of the fatal stabbings, asked for forgiveness from [his] remaining family members, many of whom had called for the maximum penalty.

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