Spurious accusation! Opponents of gender-neutral bathrooms accused of wanting to ‘shoot up the school’

Parents debate gender-neutral school bathrooms in Wickenburg, Ariz

Proponents of transgender bathrooms are trying a new strategy: portraying opponents – most of whom just want a safe and secure place for their kids to go the bathroom – as potential school mass murderers.

At a meeting on the subject at Wickenburg High School in Wickenburg, Ariz., claims were made by transgender bathroom supporters that threats of violence have been made, reports Tucson’s KOLD.

“Guys were threatening to shoot up the school if they couldn’t get their bathrooms back. So I didn’t even come to school today because I was scared for my life,” senior Elliot Wallace said at the Sept. 15 meeting without giving any specific names.

“I took my daughter out of school today because of possible school shooting threats,” claimed mother Kristen Holman.

Schoolchildren across the country are increasingly losing their right to go to the bathroom in a secure place, apart from the opposite gender, as “transgender” rights are celebrated and given preferred status over keeping scientific birth genders separate. Weak, impressionable school administrators – including those at the Arizona school – claim they cannot deny transgender students the right to use any bathroom they wish.

“We’re trying to just make people comfortable in their own bodies and make sure people know school is a safe place for them,” said Wallace, the senior, apparently speaking for school leadership.

Holman said she is worried about her daughter’s safety and wants to see a sensible alternative. “Have a set bathroom for everybody. Have a girls’ bathroom, have a boys’ bathroom, and have a transgender bathroom,” she said.

Holman appeared to be in the majority at the meeting, which seemed to bother some teens. “I think everybody here is just very ignorant and they need to learn more,” said Grayse Larios, who does not even attend the school but was there from another nearby high school.


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