Monday, January 24, 2022
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FBI investigates bomb thrown at church that condemns homosexuality

In the first act of domestic terrorism of the dubiously legitimate Biden administration, a California church that was previously threatened with arson...

Black Lives Matter protesters torch Baptist church

Violent protesters supposedly furious about racism burned down a Baptist church in Philadelphia ... that was a valuable resource for Vietnamese immigrants.

Chicago mayor sends police to pound on church doors during service

A recent stunt by leftist lesbian Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot shows how liberal officials are always one crisis away from uniformed thuggery:...

NY pastor threatened with $1,000 fine for holding drive-in church service

It took only about a month for the United States of America to turn into a country where police go after pastors...

Ky. church plans to file suit over police recording congregant license...

A Kentucky church that defied Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s ban on free assembly is filing a federal lawsuit asserting that its constitutional...

Charges dismissed against pastor arrested for protesting library’s drag queen event

A judge determined that a pastor arrested outside a library's Drag Queen Story Hour event for not moving to a designated protest area should...

Florida man charged after calling in false bomb threat at church

A man is under arrest and faces charges after allegedly calling in a false bomb threat on a Florida church on Sunday.