Friday, February 26, 2021
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Google Hones Censorship of Christians, Pro-Life Helpers

The Christian Post - Internet giant Google initiated a new policy requiring pro-life pregnancy centers and abortion clinics to get clearance before...

YouTube Plans ‘More Rigorous’ Censorship of ‘Extremist’ Views

The Daily Mail - YouTube unveiled a more rigorous plan to curb hate speech, extremist views and false content on its platform...

Girls are More Harmed by LGBTQ Bathroom, Changing Room Policies

Early indications are pouring in: the so-called “transgender” bathroom policies at public schools are causing a lot of problems, especially among young school girls.

Teacher’s Test is ‘Volte-Face’ From Professional Standards of Fairness

Fox News - A high school student spoke out Thursday on "Fox & Friends" about a politically-charged question given on his English class's vocabulary...