Girls are More Harmed by LGBTQ Bathroom, Changing Room Policies

Indications from Canada and the U.S. are that girls in early stages of puberty are critically endangered and often harmed by public school transgender policies that allow young men to have access to bathrooms and changing rooms where girls are unprotected and vulnerable. (Shutterstock photo)

Early indications are pouring in: the so-called “transgender” bathroom policies at public schools are causing a lot of problems, especially among young school girls.

In both Canada and the U.S., students are noticing their plight, and one thing they report is an especially dissatisfying notion that they’re the guinea pigs in an experiment that society is not suffering yet.

Declaring it an evil that must be stopped is social activist Jennifer Roberts, editor of the Mommy Underground, who focused recent comments on several girls in Boyertown Area High School in Pennsylvania.

“As more and more schools cave to the LGBT agenda, it seems as if no one is able to stop the ‘transgender’ madness,” Roberts said. “Tired of being thrust into the victim role, high-school girls are emboldened with the courage to stand up for themselves and fight back.”

Alexis Lightcap and several other girls have taken a courageous stand, even asking for a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, to express their fears of a public school experience where grown young men have access to them in bathrooms and changing rooms at school. (Family submitted photo)

Several students at the school are vocal because transgender policies put them in humiliating situations. They are still adjusting to recent menses changes, and they are encountering boys in their bathrooms and gym changing rooms.

“No teenage girl should have to be ashamed using the bathroom,” Roberts said. “Imagine how awkward it is for a teenage girl to be forced to use the bathroom stall next to a grown male. Beside the complete invasion of privacy, it’s dangerous.”

Tired of being pawns in a transgender game, several of the girls have spoken up. They started petitions to force school officials, who have been ignoring complaints, to listen to them.

Numerous girls refuse to use the same bathroom as a member of the opposite sex. Some are talking about taking matters to the courts.

Roberts said she believes they have a case for claiming damages. “This dangerous precedent gives high-school teenage boys full access to teenage girls in a secluded setting,” she said.

It is incredibly sad that a high-school girl needs to take her case all the way to the Supreme Court to get someone to listen to her

The reported incident near Boyertown, PA, included a courageous girl, Alexis Lightcap, who after graduating last year has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to listen to her complaints on behalf of many others.

In a letter to the Washington Post, Lightcap said, “Students experiencing gender dysphoria deserve our love and support. But my privacy rights shouldn’t depend on what others believe about their gender.”

She described a terrifying moment when while simply trying to use the bathroom in her own high school she encountered a young man in the girl’s room. She could only think to turn and flee away.

“It is incredibly sad that a high-school girl needs to take her case all the way to the Supreme Court to get someone to listen to her,” Roberts said.

“They asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear their case, claiming boys were allowed into the girl’s bathroom without the knowledge of the students or the parents.”

In the face of an overwhelmingly liberal media and many leftists in the court, this fight has many mountains to climb, but there is courage and fortitude among some of our people, even some of our young people, thank God.


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