Monday, August 19, 2019
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Pelosi to Senior Dems: Hope is for Trump Convictions, Prison

Fox News - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats on Tuesday that she ultimately wants to see President Trump in prison, according to a report.

Speaker Pelosi Gambles our Future on the Wisdom of Whining Teens

The Daily Mail - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters she would support a law allowing 16-year-old to vote. The 26th...

Police: Conspiracy of Ten Aided Cop-Killer Illegal-Alien Gang Member

Late last week, police rounded up an accused conspiracy of 10 illegal aliens and friends affiliated with or supportive of accused cop-killer Gustavo Parez...

Stunning Coincidental Murder/Arrest Ends Opposition to Pelosi for Speaker

WZZM TV 13 News - Former Ohio judge Lance Mason, who was forced from the bench and served prison time for viciously assaulting his then-wife, has...