Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Senate GOP quickly surrenders, votes to strip Confederate-officer names from bases

Attempting to put President Donald Trump in a box where he has to either betray U.S. history and his base, or be...

House Dems block medical care bill for infants born alive

Democrats have once again blocked a bill with a very simple goal: to insure that infants who survive attempts to end their lives...

Florida Democrats fail to derail parental consent for abortion

In Florida at least, there's little doubt left that Democrats are the party of abortion while Republicans stand firmly in defense of the unborn.

West Virginia Senate passes ‘Born Alive’ bill

Indicating their willingness to stand up for helpless newborns who have already been targeted for abortion but who have survived the procedure, the West...

Parental consent measure in Florida passes another key hurdle

A measure to require parental consent before minors can get abortions turned into yet another party-line issue this week in Florida, reports

Parental consent for abortion ready for Senate floor in Florida

The state of Florida is moving ahead with tightening restrictions on abortion, reflecting a trend that has been sweeping across large parts of the...

Parental consent anti-abortion measure moves quickly in Florida

Florida is joining in a wave of anti-abortion activity across the South. Just one day after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis...

Senate confirms Trump judicial nominee who fights abortion

In a move that already has the feathers of leftists extremely ruffled, the Senate confirmed a controversial anti-abortion attorney to the federal judiciary this...