Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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United States headed for another Civil War, claims Fox Nation host

Todd Starnes, a Fox Nation Host, thinks civil war to be highly likely since young Americans fail to give importance to patriotism.

PC Police Nix Band from State Fair Over ‘Confederate’ Name

According to local print and broadcast media, a band was removed from the Du Quoin, Illionois, State Fair lineup because of their name that...

Army Caves to the First Amendment, Christian Troop is Allowed

A National Guard facility in Pennsylvania that had been refusing to allow a Biblically Christian Trail Life USA scouting troop to tour their facility has seen...

Pro-Life Advocates Banned From Pinterest as ‘Pornography’

Live Action, a top advocacy group for pro-life causes, was banned from the Pinterest social media platform. That action ends the measure...

Retailer Defies Bureaucrats on Flag, Flies it Big-Time

An RV retailer remains defiant against several municipalities that seek to replace the business’s practice of raising mammoth U.S. flags over their showroom properties.

Officials Rush to Expel Bible-Teaching Elderly Widow from VA Home

An 84-year-old widow faces state-ordered eviction from a VA home because of her Bible study. Artis Breau, a chaplaincy volunteer...

Macy’s Parade Points All Eyes At a Lesbian Kiss Performance on...

Media are celebrating what they call a milestone moment: the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade stopped the show for a live-T.V. lesbian smooch. During a street...