United States headed for another Civil War, claims Fox Nation host

Todd Starnes, Fox Nation host

Todd Starnes, a Fox Nation Host, thinks civil war to be highly likely since young Americans fail to give importance to patriotism.

The previous Tuesday, Starnes during an interview on Fox & Friends (Fox News morning show) alleged the political left to be attempting to ‘kill’ the country. 

“A majority of younger Americans, Generation Z, Millennials, don’t believe that religion and patriotism are all that important to their lives anymore. So we’re seeing this shift happen really almost in a stealth way,” Starnes said.

Starnes also chose to place this headline on a recent blog: “Anti-Trump Democrats Are Dragging the Nation Towards Civil War.”

During the FOX segment, while promoting his new book ‘Culture Jihad’, he rallied against politicians and polls by showing that younger people were systematically losing interest in patriotism and religion. 

He claimed to have noticed a trend developing with the rise of socialism in the country. The only reason the left were hell-bent upon removing God and declaring war on religious liberty was to promote socialism, because God happens to be the basic foundations of America.

For example, America’s founding fathers were Christian, so was Abraham Lincoln, and every US President accept for Barack Obama who shared a mixed religious background. President Trump may not be Christian but he is appointing a lot of Christians to powerful American posts.  

The author claimed most political left to be pushing back against efforts made by conservatives for promoting beliefs in Christianity, public schools, and government institutions. He argued that such acts were violations of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The hosts of the Fox show encouraged Starnes to further explain his arguments by asking how bad the possibility of the civil war, as suggested in his book was. To this, Starnes replied that it was pretty bad.


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